12 Nov 2013

Quality Matters at Jacoby’s


Head Chef Michael Dabbs cooking is founded upon his love of fresh, seasonal & quality ingredients and he looks long and hard to find the right suppliers.

Bridget B's
Bridget B’s is situated at Sacombe Hill Farm, Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire where they run an award winning Sacombe herd of pedigree Simmentals and Belted Galloways. They also produce their our own pork from a herds of pedigree British Lops, Saddlebacks and Gloucester Old Spots. Bridget B’s is run by Bridget Borlase and her partner James along with help from her family and team of experienced butchery staff.

Maynard & Sons
Maynard’s have been producing quality ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbets for over 25 years, serving hotels, restaurants and wholesalers in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. They manufacture their products using only the finest ingredients selected from around the world, contributing to the superior quality and rich and creamy flavour.

The Chef's Deli
The Chef's Deli has a commitment and passion for finding and distributing new artisan and bespoke products such as antipasti, charcuterie, cheeses, cured hams, oils, pesto & pastes, salts & seasonings - the list goes on.

Barry Callebaut
Barry Callebaut is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products. The chocolate is made exclusively with sustainable cocoa, which recognizes Callebaut customers’ requirements for high-quality chocolate that comes with a guarantee of sustainable cultivation.

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